Friday, November 21, 2008

Creation Festival Tour

I took Laurin to the Creation Festival Tour last Saturday for an early birthday present. There were 10 Christian rock bands there, so it lasted 5 hours. We had a good time even though Laurin had a stomach bug and the baby didn't like all the loud bass rattling him in the womb. My favorite band was Kutless and Laurin's favorite was Capital Lights (because she says they sound like Green Day). We were only about 40 ft from the stage and after the bands performed they would go out to tables in the hallway. Laurin got her arm autographed by Fireflight.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Conversations with Wee Ones

Yesterday I worked in Ethan's classroom at the church daycare. Here's some of the things I was asked.

"Are you Ethan's mommy, because you look more like Ethan's grandma?"

"Why are you so fat? Is there a baby in there?"

"Are you having a girl or boy baby? If it's a boy will you please, please, please name him Walter?"

I also had one boy come up and kept hitting me in the stomache until I told him that he was hitting my baby. Another boy tried to lift up my shirt to see what was under there. An interesting age for sure.

Monday, November 10, 2008

More from Halloween

Sleepy Boy

I woke up this morning to Ethan crying and crying for me. Normally he just wanders to our bed, but I had to go and get him once I figured out he wasn't coming on his own. Once in bed with me, Ethan fell calmly back to sleep and didn't even wake up the whole time I was getting Laina ready for school and lunches together. I woke him up right before we walked out the door for school. He started reaching for the bed and saying, "My sucker, my sucker." With all the Halloween candy that's been around, I decided I had better check to be sure he hadn't hidden one in the bed. He must have been having candy filled dreams about his red sucker, because he made me check the whole bed before he would believe that there wasn't one there.