Wednesday, January 23, 2008

WHat happens when you leave a 2 year old alone for 5 minutes

That's peanut butter all over his hands. He was making some remarkable handprints all over the kitchen.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Treasure Hunt

Start in the bathroom where monkeys do play, then head down the staircase, don't delay!

Look to your left then look to your right.  Now look straight out the window and you'll see a sight.

Walk around the fireplace and go to the table.  Look down low as you can and you'll find another clue if you're able.


Is anyone hungry?  I hope not for you see, I will get cooked in the kitchen if you don't find me.

Around the corner open the door.  Head downstairs and look on the floor.

Run around two times and sit on the chair.  Then go back up by way of the stair.

You've almost found the last treasure I think, go straight ahead and look in the sink.

Now search where the clothes go for a spin, open the door and look right in.


I hope you had fun looking for treasure.  It sure has brought me lots of pleasure!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brains Anyone?

Who'd have thought it, but Lianne and I both have a hidden love of zombie movies. I never figured either of us as fans of that genre, but darn it, zombie movies rock.

Our latest marathon of Zombie movies has included Dawn of the Dead, Resident Evil Extinction, 28 Days Later, and 28 Weeks Later. I will have to get Lianne to watch Shaun of the Dead too. I was too chicken to rent Planet Terror even thought it has Naveen Andrews (Lost's Sayid) in it.

I just realized as I remembered what I liked about each movie that each of them had some strong female characters in them. You go girl, kill those zombies.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"New" Carpet

You gotta love freecycle. We got enough free carpet and carpet padding to cover the majority of the basement. It makes it alot m0re inviting. More projects to lighten the place up to come.

This Week's Verse

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Senseless Tragedy Caused by Drunk Driving

I never met you but I saw pictures of your beautiful family in your posts. I saw the cute way that you decorated your nursery and I was happy for you when I read about your one year wedding anniversary and your new baby asleep upstairs. I never talked to you but I felt that I knew you in some cyberspace way. May God comfort your family as they deal with such a devastating loss.

Reports about the car wreck can be viewed here.

Sledding with the Girls