Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter Weekend

We had a really nice turnout to our Easter productions. The sanctuary was full for every performance but the Sunday, 8:30 service which was still 3/4 full. The long time spent at church during the weekend was easier on us all than I thought it would be. The Easter bunny visited our house one day early so we had more time to hunt Easter eggs. Laurin was able to work in the same baby room as Ethan for 3 of the services and Laina got to enjoy a candy hunt and bouncing castle 4 times. Paul ended up taking the kids home with him on Saturday night (probably the first time in his life he had all three of them at once without me), so they didn't have to attend all 5 services. I wished that they could have sold dvds of the program, but due to copyrights they can't. Hope you all had a great Easter weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Lord.

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