Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'd Rather Be Fishing

I haven't been paying much attention to updating my blog the last few days, because they have been filled with family fun. On Friday night we went to a pond off of the city recreation trial and caught about 50 small (and I do mean small) rock bass. Laina was quite the little fisherwoman and excitedly told me that she felt the pole bounce and just started reeling in. Ethan was interested in everything that was going on and kept saying "eeeeeewwwww" whenever he saw a fish or a worm.
Saturday we hit a couple of garage sales before going out on the boat at Lonetree. I reeled in one 20" walleye--the only fish of the day--and we basked in the sun. Apparently I basked a little too much and was struck with some extreme pain (we're talking childbirth type of pain) in my stomach. Thankfully my trusty EMT husband diagnosed me with dehydration and heat exhaustion and treated me by cooling me off and giving me small sips of water. By the time we left for home after what seemed a very long journey back to shore I was soaked in lake water and the pain had subsided. It was a lesson in the importance of staying hydrated and it let me see my hero in action.
Today we attended church and went to Simpson Ponds to fish again. It was pretty disappointing--we didn't even get a nibble. Now we're fixing to eat the fruits of our labor, so I need to go. I'll share pics from our visit to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with Shauna later.

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