Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost Season Finale

Don't read this Lianne.

I just got done watching the season finale this morning and all I have to say is what the hell? I hope that it is some alternate universe like Shauna has suggested, because I'm not really interested in learning about people's lives off of the island. I want to know more about the island and Jacob and Locke and why people can't have babies there and on and on. I was so afraid that Hurley was going to die that I was yelling at the tv, "No Hurley, No!!!!" when he was driving into the gunfire. I was kind of disappointed that Sawyer shot Tom too. He was growing on me. And whose funeral was it anyway? It looked like a pretty short coffin to me. Perhaps the ending of the show was all a vision from Desmond and he will tell them that they shouldn't really get off the island after all.
I did cry when Charlie died, but I was relieved that they didn't kill anyone else. I figured that Locke would shoot at Jack and Kate would run out in front of him and be shot instead. If the transmission did go through, now it seems the Losties will have yet another "other" enemy trying to kill them all. It's pretty funny to think that they've only been there for 90 days and it has been nonstop action/hostage situations/kidnappings/deaths/torture etc. They surely all have ulcers by now.

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Shauna said...

Or will Des keep quiet because he knows the only way he'll ever see Penny again is if they do go home?