Monday, August 6, 2007

The Last Hoorah

We had our last Praise in the Park for the season last night in Fort Collins. It poured rain at about 4:30pm and they had to unplug all of the equipment and everything. Then it stopped raining at about 4:45. By the time we started the concert at 6:00, the clouds had broken over the park and it was a balmy 70 degrees. I have to say that it was definitely the best PITP this summer and maybe the best one we've had in years. People were dancing and singing and having a great time praising God. Many people also came up to receive Christ. During The River song, Pastor Nate stopped the song and said that it was missing something. We looked over to the side and there was Pastor Tom. I was so excited to get to sing with him again I almost cried. The clouds started forming again during our last few songs and I hadn't even made it back to my car before it started raining again. Isn't it like our God to give us a little bit of sunshine when we need it most? GOD IS GREAT!

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