Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dude, what did you do to my hair?

I was tired of Ethan's mop on the very top of his head and thought that it was time for a change. He would not stay still to save his life (or his ear), so I found myself frantically snipping away like Edward Scissorhands. Hey, hairstylists seem to snip away while making "messy" cuts, so how could I go wrong? I wanted to put some hair gel in to make it stick up, but all we had was aloe. So now he's crazy aloe head and I think he looks cute. It will grow out in a month anyway if his hair grows at the rate it has been.

Oh, the mark in front of his ear is from his trip off of Laina's bed the other day. I was reading them a story and Ethan started bouncing around. I'm not sure how, but he managed to fall off of the bed before I could grab him. He landed on a toy on the floor (no, the room wasn't clean as if you had to ask) and cut his scalp a little and bruised his cheek. I am so glad that I have an EMT in the house.


Anonymous said...

OK! You gotta get some mouse and do it right with the spikey effect. That would qualify him as a "dude" too. mom

Lianne said...

I like his hair it needs a little help thats all. Better than my hair at the moment. I've given up trying to get my hair cut the way I want it. I bring in a picture of what I want and they don't get close. I try to explain it but the language barrier steps in.