Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's Butter Face!

Not 10 minutes after showering --which is not an easy thing to convince a five year old to do--Laina came into the bathroom where I was cleaning under the sink (hey, it's better than cleaning the toilet). She cried, "Daddy said that I'm a butter face!" Before I could disagree I looked up and she indeed had butter smeared all over her nose. Daddy's idea of a joke. Laina cleaned her face off and left me to my task. Soon after, Laina appeared in the door again this time with butter on her cheeks, chin and nose. Rather than enjoy the fun between father and daughter, I pictured Laina covered in butter from head to toe right before I had to take her to school. It wasn't until I heard Laina saying that she wanted to make Ethan a butter face too that I drew the line. My children are not toast and it's really hard to get butter out of clothes. Maybe I should let them experiment with being sunscreen face or the ever popular crazy shampoo suds head. Maybe my husband is onto something.

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