Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Laina is having a blast at kindergarten. The third day of school she ran up to another little girl and they gave each other a big hug as Laina announced that this was her best friend. She gets to ride the bus home in the afternoon and feels like quite a big girl. She was so excited when the kids got to go to the library too. I was afraid that she would still be sucking her thumb in kindergarten, but this summer we bought some of the nasty tasting stuff to put on her thumbs and that ended it all.


Anonymous said...

How is Laurin doing in school by now? Mom

Karin's World said...

Laurin is doing great. She has more homework than before, but (just as I always suspected) the more she's challenged the more she will step up. She has made some new friends and tells me of all the fun she had with pipettes in science class.