Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some Fun Facts Mixed with Propaganda

Here are some fun facts I read in the latest National Geographic Kids
  • male woodchucks are called he-chucks. Females are called she-chucks
  • a baby humpback whale drinks up to 130 gallons of milk each day
  • lemons can have more sugar than strawberries
  • more people live in China today than lived on the earth 150 years ago
  • a clock runs faster on a tall mountain than at sea level (maybe that's why there never seems to be enough time in the day. I need to move to Louisiana)
Here's what else I read in the KID'S magazine. I expected more from National Geographic, but I guess if we want to brainwash our children we better start early.

"The whole earth's climate is changing. Climate change occurs naturally, but now people are causing it--or at least speeding it up. Scientists believe that our use of fossil fuels causes global warming. ......Today, environmental pressures from growing human populations, along with the faster rate of climate change, make survival for many animals a big challenge. ....Reducing our carbon footprint helps save plants, animals and ourselves. Habitat destruction, pollution, global warming --all the things that affect the survival of animals --affect us, too. So everything we do to save them helps us."

First, the author states that the world is warming, a theory that the top scientists in the world cannot substantiate or agree upon. Then he states that this is because of people, another unsubstantiated claim. Next, the author suggests that there are too many people in the world (can you say population control children?) and finally adds the catchphrase of all the hip people in the world today--carbon footprint. Maybe our children can save their allowances to pay some corporate entity to offset their carbon footprint. I mean, their very lives are at stake, so why save for college when that money can line some fraudster's pocket?

Oh, and the icing on the cake is that Cameron Diaz is the guest editor of the magazine issue. I love to take environmental advice from hypocritical movie stars, so I especially enjoyed this advice she had for kids:

"Be selfish--it's OK to want the best. You already want the best pair of sneakers, the best video game, the best bike. Why not want the best oxygen, the best water, the best soil. You deserve it!"

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I am always amazed at what you and your sisters do with computer graphics. I've not a clue. mom