Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Laurin's Concert

We went to Laurin's band and choir concert this week. It was not too bad to sit through, since the choir was mostly on key. I was even able to tell what songs the band was playing most of the time, so that was a plus. The bad part was Ethan. He managed to sit still for about 10 minutes and then wanted to run up and down the aisle. He would sneak a little farther away each time until finally he ran all the way up to the front and tried to hang on the wall in front of the orchestra pit. Figuring I would cause more of a scene if I ran up to get him, (I pictured him running onto the stage) I waited until the song was over and promptly removed him. Does anyone else have a child who can't sit still? Of course, Paul was at work and couldn't help with him, so I was left with an exuberant 2 year old wondering if everyone was whispering about my parenting skills. These are the days....

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