Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Being Jesus

Like most parents, I have been afraid of all the pressures a non-Christian society puts on our children to conform to the world. I ask myself if I am doing enough or saying the right things to instill Christian values in my kids. Talking to Laurin last night, the Lord let me know that He is ever present in her life even in these troubling times.

There is a girl in Laurin's school who other kids are terribly mean to. We'll just call her Maggie. Laurin has known Maggie since kindergarten, and she has always been considered an outcast and been made fun of. I remember when they were in about 3rd grade, Maggie invited Laurin over to her house. Laurin was reluctant to go, because she thought that the other kids might make fun of her for going. Well, me being the mean momma I am, I made her go. Laurin and Maggie had fun together and that is a day that Maggie and her mother have remembered to this day.

Well, now Maggie goes to Laurin's middle school. She is still being picked on unrelentlessly by everyone it seems. Laurin has seen this and finally started sticking up for her more. If Maggie has no partner in Science class, Laurin will volunteer. If Maggie offers to trade part of her lunch and all the kids say, "gross, I wouldn't eat food she touched" (I can't believe the immaturity of 7th graders) Laurin says, "I'll trade with you." When Laurin sees Maggie sitting all alone at lunch time she goes to her and just sits beside her.

I told Laurin with tears in my eyes last night that she is being Jesus to Maggie. She is reaching out to the leper like the days of old and Jesus is proud of her. So am I.


Anonymous said...

I only wish I had used the phrase "you are being Jesus to ???" to you beautiful daughters when I had the chance. You all displayed acts of kindness to others and I didn't commend you for it...sorry. Mom

Anonymous said...

Good for you mom and Laurin hang in there and do the right things..
Don't hang with the heard.
Laurin yu are doing the right thing.