Monday, January 22, 2007


I was doing my homework for our bible study on Daniel and we were to draw comparisons between the Babylon of Daniel's day to the Revelation Babylon. I was nauseated the whole time thinking about how similar our culture is to both Babylons. I was even more sick to think of how I partake in those qualitites which make Babylon so despicable. I find it interesting that the devil is said to dwell in Babylon, whose primary sin seemed to be overindulgence and indifference to the poor rather than a place like Sodom where sexual sin of every nature dwelled. I guess that in my carnal mind, I judge sexual sin more harshly than selfishness and greed. I guess the first step to repentance is to first realize that you have sinned. I definitely don't want to be a "daughter of Babylon", so I better acknowledge how Babylon has rubbed off on me.

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Lianne said...

Amen Sister,
I tend to be the same way about holding carnal sin above lust for money and power. I can't say that I havn't had selfishness or been angry that I don't have as much as other people do. I tend to have to remind myself how blessed I really am and should be thankful for everyday that I'm alive.