Friday, January 19, 2007

Laurin's Science Project

I thought that we did a pretty good job on Laurin's display, and I even let her decide how to place everything. She also typed everything on the computer (I couldn't help but correct some grammer). I was late--are we suprised?--going to her classroom this morning to see all the projects, but what I did get to see impressed me. There were some really neat projects, and I thought of how it really got kids working with their parents. My favorite project (other than Laurin's of course) was a little girl who took vanilla pudding and colored it different colors and asked people what they thought it tasted like. There was also one that compared water retention in different kinds of soils. Now that sounds like a future aggie to me! I am proud that she took ownership of the whole thing and I didn't really have to ride her to get it all done. I was proud of all the kids, because you could tell that all of them tried really hard to make a nice display. When I walked in they all wanted to show me theirs projects and I made sure to oo and aa for them.

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Lianne said...

That looks like a very good science project and I'm sad I didn't get to help. I miss going to the science fairs, even though I went with Lora Clark to all of them. Tell Laurin I'm proud of her and will want to see it when I get back. p.s