Monday, September 10, 2007

No Words? No Way.

People who know me would be amazed that I don't have much to say right now. I am with children so much of the day I feel like I never shut up once I get around adults. But I have just been at a loss for words for the last few days. Maybe the Lord wants me to speak less and listen more. We're starting bible study tomorrow and I was so excited when I saw the video clippet about it at church that I almost started crying. I know that I should have the motivation to read the bible on my own, but I seem to need the accountability of homework to keep me on task.

Laurin and I passed our hunter's education class and went to the range yesterday for the shooting test. Thankfully the teachers there didn't assume that I didn't know what I was doing. They just told me that I did everything perfectly. Laurin did too of course, but it was funny to see her leaning into her gun expecting a big kickback even though we were only shooting 22s.


Anonymous said...

wish I could join in your bible study. the new pastor just doesn't get it and he will probably be leading ours. i'd volunteer, but i am already sunday school teacher for kids (mostly just Kinsey Griffith) and I do the children's sermon during

Karin's World said...

I wish that you could too. I like being able to run ideas/thoughts/interpretations by other people in my group. But it doesn't sound like your bible studies had much participation to them. Maybe you could do an online study or see if one of the other churches in HC or WaK do one.